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I can’t help but wait
May 31, 2009, 6:58 PM
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Bwahahaha, just yesterday, I was shopping with my mom at Ross, and I stumbled upon this Harajuku bag for about $40. How sweet was that? Immediately, I snatched the last one away and ran off, ahaha. I was stupified by seeing a kute bag like that at Ross. At first, I thought Ross sold only bootleg things like Chinatown. But not anymore, ahaha! I love this bag. It’s so adorable with such an affordable price. ^-^ Screw the mall, I think I’ll shop at Ross, TJ-Max and those other stores now. Ross has a wide variety of things to choose from. I just love it! I found some Tokidoki and Ed Hardy stuff too, but my wallet went poof on me. T_T It ruined my dreams, ahah.

CST test are finally over! I thought it was easier than I expected. I was practically having major cram-sessions just to do well in this -0-. But class finals are much harder than CSTs, honestly. I think I’ll fail because in class, your teacher knows your full potential and the rest of the class. Always, they choose what to put into the final to test on how much we understand that certain subject. I have a feeling that I’ll fail practically every class I have except Music Appreciation. That one is pretty easy. I just have to make an oral presentation of my ethnic music and a contemporary one.

I failed geometry B, literally. Some people don’t believe me, because everyone thinks I’m “smart” for some reason -0-. Maybe it’s because I’m Asian BAHAHA! But I think I took it really well. I didn’t go on blaming other people or my teacher. I just gave up because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to understand that subject. So, I told my parents that I would take summer school. Suprisingly, they took it really well. Probably because they know I’m the stupid one in the family. Oh, and I have to do summer homework for the future APs I’m planning to have for the new year of highschool. This is my schedule for 10th grade.

01. AP Bio
02. AP World
03. Korean 2A
04. H English 10
05. Algebra 2
06. Basketball

I have a feeling 10th grade will be real hectic especially with the APs and my english class -0-. I’m praying that I won’t slack off next year, because I know that I will, but I’m trying to change myself for the better. Also, basketball tryouts are coming up next week; June 3 + 4. I hope I get into the team, possibly JV. I wouldn’t call myself the Goddess of Basketball, but good enough for the team, right? Though, I do want to be the best on the team if I were able to get in. Basically, this whole plan is just to make a better me. AJAJA!


May 19, 2009, 3:47 PM
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It’s been awhile since I last updated, haha. I’ve been really busy with school and such. Oh, and I recently moved houses, which means no internet till tomorrow. So right now, I’m at the library, teehee! Honestly, being a freshmen in highschool isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Can’t imagine being a sophmore either. TOTAL CHAOS, I tell you. This week is testing, CST testing. My schedule is a little off right now, but next week will be smooth sailing once I’m done with testing. I just finish english today; hooray. The english test was such a drag. They give out the lamest story to test with. Tomorrow is Geometry; I’m screwed. I have an F in that class. It’s not that I suck at geometry or anything. i guess, different teachers, different teaching methods? I’m not exactly use to how the teacher I have now teaches geometry. I’m just waiting till summer school, and I’ll just fly by. Oh, and biology is after that. I’m dead on that too. I like biology, but I’m just not good at it, so save me -0-!

About that one boy asking my friend to prom, by the way, he asked out a vietnamese fob! Shocking, I know. How can he ask a vietnamese fob?! You know what, how can they communicate, really? Charades, possibly? Also, he stopped hanging out with my friends and I. Lately, he’s been hanging out with them! It’s kind of funny though. Like, my friend and I would play a “silent game” as we walk right pass by him and those fobs, but NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING; they don’t say a single word to him!

No common sense
May 5, 2009, 6:00 AM
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My brother just recently figured out how to bake. GREAT JOB FOR HIM. It actually kind of started off with my mom and I scolding him because he asked me to bake him something for his friend’s birthday. I immediately said no. I mean, why would you even ask me in the first place if it is for HIS FRIEND’S BIRTHDAY, who I don’t even know? Also, it was 11PM that day, so I really didn’t want to bake at that time. The world has been losing common sense. So, I began scolding at him for about an hour and eventually, he budged to bake something.

Day by day, I become to actually admit that people are stupid. They have no common sense and have no idea how to handle situations in a mature manner. For example, my brother. He procrastinated and asked me for help in his own problems, which led to his own defeat. I swear, I’ve been getting ticked off so easily just by talking to people. -0- I’m not saying that I’m the perfect person and that the rest of mankind is stupid, but at least I know what to do in certain situations and I ask for help in appropriate times. Don’t even get me started with my friend too. Holy fiddlesticks.

So, I have a friend that is pretty much immature and annoying. She didn’t start off like that when I first met her. You can say, I was more of the outbursting one, but then there was a switcharoo, ‘cept she was worse. In the beginning she was more of the quiet type & I was out in the open, haha. But not so much anymore. Lately, she has been getting on my last nerve. There’s times where I get angry at her because of her idiotic mistakes, that are pretty ABC123 stuff to realize what she did was wrong. So, basically, she lied to a guy that liked her, saying she was “taken” to discourage him and make him get over her. Not to mention, made me pass the message onto that. I have no idea why I did it though. I think it’s because she paniced and had no idea what to do, and I was aiding her? But after I thought about it, what I was doing was completely wrong. Sadly, my friend didn’t realize until I scolded her about it. Notice the wrongs in this story? Lying your way out, making someone do the dirty work and not realizing lying/what she was doing was harsh? Can I say retarded? I know I sound mean right now, but I can’t get over the fact that she did that to get some guy get over her. Like, there are a lot better ways of handling this. Plus, it’s preschool understanding that lying only makes things worse. I know she doesn’t want to hurt him, but he was gonna find out sooner or later about the lie. Love is suspensful feeling, you don’t know what’s gonna be outcome.

I swear, I have this huge rant about her. I’m just getting fed up with her. But it’s that kind of “you hate them, but you’ll always love them” kind of knowledge. Ughh, she is so annoying and totally immature. On top of that when she does stupid things to get herself in trouble, I get blamed for them sometimes, and she goes on and just snickers her butt off -0- Oh, and I’m getting tired of doing me “WTF” face to her ;P She’s also a big whiner. She jumps, screams, shakes and complains out in the open she’s in pain/distress. It’s like, she’s saying, “omg, look at me, I need you to pay attention to me!” Freaking attention whore. I mean, everyone has their problems, but for her, she just goes on and on and on about her pain & agony when it’s not even that bad. To me, she needs to stop crying out for attention and suck it up. Everyone has problems and we all deal with them, but for her is a never ending whining spree. Also, I think she tries too hard to act cute. Sure, she’s cute and all, but there’s a limit y’know? She uses her whining & stupidity to look “cute.” It’s nice at first, but now it’s getting old. Now, she’s just a stupid whining bitch. Yeah, I’m a great friend aren’t I? I may have issues with her & myself, but I look past that. I don’t run away from her or anything. I’m still her friend. I still talk to her, hang out with her and have a great time, but moments where I want some space; to get away from her bad points.

To me, I think I’m a weird person. I get annoyed by the people I love the most, I’m too honest that it would hurt people’s feelings and I keep my own personal problems to myself too often. Luckily, I have certain people that I know where to get guidance and just an open ear from. It’s safe to say, they’re the understanding and experienced people (who are all older than me).